Webprogramo > Google Web Designer > Introduction > What is Google Web Designer?

What is Google Web Designer?

Jorge Ramírez

15 agosto, 2017

Webprogramo > Google Web Designer > Introduction > What is Google Web Designer?
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Google Web Designer is an advanced and free web application that lets you design and compile HTML5 banners and other Rich media web content through an integrated code and visual interface.


Google Web designer environment

Thanks to the Google Web Designer design view, you can create content using drawing, text, and even 3D objects. You can also animate objects and events in a timeline.


Google Web designer is also well known for offers a GUI with common design tools, such as a Text tool that integrates with Google Web Fonts making an easy way to optimize the size of an HTML5 banner.

The advertising feature set includes components to add Google Maps, YouTube videos and more, as well as automatically includes the tracking code of events for DoubleClick and AdMob platforms.


Google Web designer interface

In case the HTML5 banner is viewed from a mobile browser, you can connect different gestures, so events can be created to connect actions like reaction to touch, screen rotation or even shaking devices. You can choose from those that already exist or create your own from scratch.


Google Web designer banners templates


Google offers a wide range of display and video ad formats, or creatives, across the AdWords, DoubleClick, AdSense and AdMob platforms making it a powerful tool to develop for better marketing strategies, interactive web animations, and social networks.